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Imilchil Marriage Festival



Morocco - Imilchil


From: 2015.09.18 To: 2015.09.21



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A quirky combination of speed dating, a mass wedding ceremony and a religious tribal festival, the Imilchil Marriage Festival is definitely something to put on your bucket list. Packed with Berber dancing, chanting and drumming, the three-day feast sees up to 40 couples tie the knot and many find their prospective partner. Single women, widows and divorcees looking for a hubby are draped in traditional cloaks and wear hoods (the rounded head apparels signify virgins), eagerly awaiting marriage proposals. If a woman accepts her suitor’s offer, she says “You have captured my liver” and the match is made. Who said romance is dead? But the story behind the festival is every bit as interesting as the spectacle. Legend has it that a young man and a woman from two local tribes once fell in love but were forbidden to get married by their parents, who were sworn enemies. The lovers cried themselves to death in lakes of tears, creating Issly and Tisslit near Imilchil. As a tribute, the guilt-ridden families initiated a wedding festival, during which couples from different tribes were allowed to mingle and wed.

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