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Illuminated Gondolas Festival



Netherlands - Giethoorn


From: 2015.08.29 To: 2015.08.30



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Since 1934, there's been an evening festival of lights to celebrate the Dutch gondola. Since most of the Netherlands fall below sea level, many of the cities have waterways that rival Venice. Giethoorn is a small town where canals and boats are still used for local transportation. During the Gondelvaart, gondola owners indulge in a competitive boat beautification to prepare for an evening parade. At one point, candles were put on the boats and canal waterways, however nowadays; the boats are decked out with tails, fins and electric lanterns. At dusk they swish through the waterways to the delight of the ten thousand visitors who flock to see - or even ride - in the regatta. It's known to be beautiful no matter what your location, since the houses and canal bridges are decorated with lights.

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