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iDANS Istanbul



Turkey - ─░stanbul


From: 2015.10.03 To: 2015.10.23



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Movements, rhythms, and dancing are all ways of experience the world. This is the message the iDANS Festival conveys each year. Contemporary dance is not only about technique and choreography, but also about sharing different identities and messages through the body’s motions understood as cultural, political, and affective practices. Both choreographers and performers express themselves every year in October in several locations in Istanbul, including famous spots like Garaj Istanbul and university theaters located around the city. The educational role of the festival is not neglected, as the event is a perfect occasion for attending discussion and workshop sessions on performance and art journalism, contemporary dance techniques, and choreography methods. The event is organized in such a way as to assure a platform of interaction between artists, while promoting their work amongst the wider public.

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