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Icarus Cup Flight Festival



France - Saint-Hilaire du Touvet


From: 2015.09.20 To: 2015.09.23



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Watch or participate in the oldest "free flight" festival in the world. Since 1974, the Coupe Icare (Icarus Cup) in Saint-Hilaire du Touvet has played host hang gliders and paragliders pilots, speed gliding, paraglider drops, speed riding, parachuting, wingsuits, sail planes, ultralights, girocopters and light helicopters, kites, boomerangs, and anything else that will free-fly. The festival begins with the Free Flight Film Festival and an air sports trade show. On Saturday and Sunday pilots will teach the ins and outs of flight, and children are wowed by a flight village filled with flying related games for kids. Airplane lovers of all ages will enjoy the aerial acrobatics show and the colorful flying masquerade event, a contest of costumed hang glider and paraglider pilots. Other amusements include paper airplane contests, flying art exhibits, falconry displays, and a jet propelled human. Keep an eye to the sky and you won't be disappointed.

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