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Ibero-American Theater Festival



Colombia - Bogotá


From: 2016.03.23 To: 2016.04.08



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As the largest theatre festival in world the Ibero-American Theatre Festival might just be a thespians dream! Held every two years in Bogota on the city's birthday there are celebrations on every corner. Parks, big tops and even unconventional spaces are filled with street art and performance. The festival draws huge crowds and with a range of performing arts, dance, circus, music, puppetry, pantomime, multimedia and of course theatre there really is something for everyone. The world's most important theatre companies are represented at the festival and in past years theater from China and Russia have been showcased. There is also a special programme focus on Columbia for those who would like to learn more about local culture. If you’d like to join in the performance fun the program also features music, rumba shows and cabaret to get your feet moving.

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