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Hunterville Huntaway Festival



New Zealand - Hunterville Town District


From: 2015.10.27 To: 2015.10.27



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What would you say if a race organizer tells you that participants should also try “swallowing raw eggs, munching on dry weetbix washed down with a can of warm beer, huhu bugs with cold cooking oil or a sheep's eye and cream“? Of course, this is not a regular competition but Shepherd’s Shemozzle race that’s part of the wacky Hunterville Huntaway Festival. The inhabitants of the Hunterville village decided to organize an unusual festival dedicated to Huntaway dogs and shepherd’s that play important role in that region. Alongside the race, where participants should undertake various weird tasks, this one-day festival has a competition in dog barking, a Miss Huntaway contest and many other funny events.

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