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Holla Mohalla in Anandpur Sahib



India - Anandpur Sāhib


From: 2016.03.09 To: 2016.03.09



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Valiant displays of horse-riding excellence, gasp-inducing martial arts, sword-fighting worthy of all day tongue-wagging and unbelievable pinpoint archery await you at the Holla Mohalla celebrations in Anandpur Sahib. Held the day after the north Indian Hindu celebration of Holi, Holla Mohalla is also a deeply religious and fun affair, but with displays of quasi-military might thrown in for good measure. 'Mohalla' suggests a procession of an army column, but today the event is more for the crowds than any sort of genuine military posturing. Of course, this doesn't mean that the participants don't take the military competition seriously. Aside from these displays there's also plenty of praying, dancing, singing, acting and reciting to be done at this wonderful event that's been going strong since 1701.

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