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Historic Garden Weeek in Virginia



United States - Richmond


From: 2016.04.16 To: 2016.04.23



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Welcome to the Historic Garden Week in Virginia! Since 1933, each spring, large masses of visitors have stepped through the gates of more than 250 of Virginia’s most delightful gardens, homes and historic attractions during “America’s Largest Open House". Three dozen Historic Garden Week tours present an affluent mosaic of several of the country’s supreme properties at the summit of Virginia’s springtime colour. For those with an interest in horticulture, there will be formal gardens, walled gardens, cottage gardens, and even secret gardens. Visitors interested in architecture and interior design can witness lovely renovated historic properties as well as fantastic contemporary residences with exceptional artwork, as well as some of the country’s best collections of glass, china, and American, European and Asian antiques. Many houses have notorious family histories entwined with the Victorian era, the Revolutionary or the Civil War. Moreover, live concerts will enhance your senses at night! In other words, there something for every taste and desire, so be prepared for a wonderful event.

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