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Henley Festival



United Kingdom - Henley-on-Thames


From: 2016.07.04 To: 2016.07.08



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The English town Henley is well-known for its hospitality and it welcomes guests each year during the summer time to its unforgettable 5-day Festival. The program of the Henley Festival is wide ranging and it presents an incredible mix of music, comedy, dances and visual arts. During the festival you might see performers in the most unexpected places in the most unexpected costumes, including an absurd French stilted quartet, Les Big Brozeurs, a Dutch group Close Act and their Saurusses; The Peter & Jane Family, It’s a Dog’s Life, Circus Magic, Close Act, Sushi, and Evergreen; with The Dixie Ticklers, Manhattan Swing and Charlie Barker. If you are more a “visual type” of a person, the Henley Festival will also surprise you by innovative works of many talented and mostly recognizable young artists.

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