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Henley-On-Todd Regatta



Australia - Alice Springs


From: 2015.08.18 To: 2015.08.18



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It's the world's greatest boat race! Without water. Eh? Yes, held a good 1500 km from the sea in Alice Springs this event has been known to turn perfectly sensible people into "Vikings" and "pirates" as they battle it out on the "high seas" on a quest for glory. Started in 1962 by some local volunteers who thought it would be a good idea to have a regatta like the famous one in Henley-on-Thames in the UK, the lack of water has turned the event into one of the most well-loved in Australia. The bottomless boats scream round the track cheered on by thousands of participants dressed in pirate costumes or wetsuits. The event is not only the most fun you can have in a boat without water, but it's also a big fundraiser. Run entirely by volunteers, the Henley-On-Todd Regatta has raised over a million of local and international good causes.

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