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Helsinki Festival



Finland - Helsinki


From: 2015.08.17 To: 2015.09.02



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Since 1968 the Helsinki Festival, also known as Helsinki's Suvilahti, has been a highlight in the land of summer light. Part mid-summer craziness, part musical medley, the festival begins with fires lit at midnight to celebrate the sun that never sets. Before and after, the "Night of the Arts" performances take over. Here international musicians from the far reaches of Brazil to the UK to Sweden enrapture the audience with classical music to rock and electronic. The Finns begin celebrating the long days of summer in April, long before the solstice celebration at the end of June, and this is one of the last of a stream of events running through the unending summer days. The program began with a series of classical music concerts in the 1950's but now includes contemporary music, dance, theatre, popular and world music, cinema, performances and art exhibitions. There is a special children's festival, and the city turns its self inside out with artistic endeavors: galleries are open until midnight, music is played in parks and churches, dance groups and orchestras perform on street corners.

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