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Harmony Festival



United States - Sonoma


From: 2016.06.10 To: 2016.06.12



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Those looking for harmony between their body and mind, will have a great time at Harmony Festival. The event was built, as the organizers say, to promote “the latest trends in health, music, arts, ecology and spirituality”. Hence, this festival goes far beyond a usual musical happenings and offers an array of workshops, presentations and speeches on environmental and spiritual topics. Music-wise, this festival is very diverse and presents musicians of different genres, from rock to electronic music. In the past, the Harmony Festival hosted musicians like Ms. Lauryn Hill, Angelique Kidjo, Delhi 2 Dublin and LYNX & Janover as well as speakers like Bruce H. Lipton and Marilyn Mandala Schlitz. The event is also family friendly with a special program for the youngest visitors.

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