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Harbin Ice and Snow Festival



China - Harbin Shi


From: 2016.01.05 To: 2016.02.28



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Averaging -15 degrees in the winter, it's little wonder that the people of Harbin started doing some creative things with ice. The Harbin Ice and Snow Festival starts each year around January 5th and lasts until the ice begins to melt. It's a truly spectacular display of ice sculpting genius, with the ancient techniques of lantern carving displayed alongside gigantic efforts made with the latest lazer technology. During the day you can witness the ice magicians at work as they chip away at their latest creation, whilst at night the city of ice lights up to the delight of the thousands of locals and tourists who flock to the event. One of the most amazing things about the festival is how cold it really is. It's so cold that if you squeeze your fingers out of your gloves and touch one of the ice sculptures you're had remains dry as your body heat is not enough to melt the ice in these extreme temperatures.

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