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HANNspree SBK Superbike World Championship - Brno



Czech Republic - Brno


From: 2016.07.20 To: 2016.07.22



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This is the world's largest competition of souped-up motorcycles. It is also one of the most popular, since all of the competing speed cycles must be actual production models. In other words, nothing fancy, designer one-of-a-kind, but regular street bikes that can be bought at any local motorcycle store. For a long time, the Superbike Championship was considered the common people's Moto GP race, but as the layman versions of twin-engine Ducatis go up against four-cylinder engine Hondas, Yamahas, Kawasakis and Suzuki's at speed-racer speeds, motorcycle fans from around the world have swiveled to attention. It's almost like having a slightly modified Honda compete with a custom-made Ferrari in a Formula One race. But while that's just a nice daydream, the Superbike Championship racers actually close in on that gap. The competition is known to be thrilling to watch. It's also exciting for manufacturers, since the competition helps promote and sell their product, as synopsized by the slogan "Win on Sunday; sell on Monday."

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