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Hair Wars



United States - Los Angeles


From: 2015.11.06 To: 2015.11.06



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Hair Wars… sounds odd, doesn’t it? It is, in fact, a very entertaining, yet educational touring event though more than 10 cities in the country. Hair Wars is one of the biggest African-American hair shows in the US. Started in 1991 by David Humphries, the event took its first national tour in 1994. Some of the most famous creations include Kevin Carter’s spider web, Mr.Little’s flying “hair-copter" and Lisa B.’s full Vegas showgirl outfit made entirely of hair. The event is also featured in the award-winning documentary film ‘My Nappy Roots: A Journey Through Black Hair-itage.’ Hair Wars features over 30 hair stars and more than 250 models who will showcase the most creative and elaborate hair styles ranging from the every day to the extreme. Hair Wars always receives wide domestic and international media coverage, including such diverse publications as the Dallas Morning News to the British Journal of Photography. So instead of reading about it in one of the many papers, why don’t you see it for yourself?

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