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Hadaka Matsuri



Japan - Inazawachō


From: 2016.02.18 To: 2016.02.18



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Have you always wanted to see 10,000 of Japanese men wearing nothing but loincloths? Of course you have, it's what you dream about each night, which is why you should head to the Hadaka Matsuri festival in Japan. One lucky fella is selected by the town to be the Shin-otoko. He has all the hair shaved from his body and then is stripped naked. Locals men in loincloths wait around the city and attempt to touch the Shin-otoko as he makes his way around the city. He's guarded by a group of sturdy men who throw buckets of cold water of people who touch too often. Thus a freezing, mostly naked battle ensues until the Shin-otoko reaches the sanctity of the temple. As this is a religious affair, it's a strictly non-participatory event for tourists.

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