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Guca Madness - Trumpet Festival



Serbia - Guča


From: 2015.08.06 To: 2015.08.12



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The village of Gucha in western Serbia host the largest trumpet event on the planet. The trumpet has been a centerpiece of village life since 1831 when Prince Milos Obrenovic ordered the formation of the first military band. However it wasn't until 1961 when the Assembly of Trumpet Players first gathered in Gucha. The gathering became an annual affair featuring a full range of trumpet music from indigenous melodies, via kolo (a fast-rhythm chain dance), marches and characteristic southern Serbia cocek dances, all the way to jazz and modern tunes. What is really amazing is that most of the village trumpeters are self-taught and play by ear (and heart). The virtuoso music performers, the trumpet players to the paradox and make the story more authentic - are for the most part fully self-taught. The Gucha Assembly of Trumpet Players continues to grow year after year, even attracting big name celebrities like Miles Davis who after experiencing Gucha Madness exclaimed: "I didn't know you could play trumpet that way".

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