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Grape Harvest Festival



Argentina - Mendoza


From: 2016.02.28 To: 2016.03.04



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What's the best way to drink wine? Experts might give you tips about swirling and smelling and other sensible things but, to be honest, the best way to drink wine is when surrounded by friends in the small Andean town of Mendoza. Why? Because it's one big, bold, brass and beautiful celebration to mark the end of the grape harvest. Held in the first weekend of March since 1936, festival attendees manage to down 1.3 billion litres of wine. Impressive, eh? Think you can add another .1 billion to that total? Good. And be prepared, because the event is mega-produced and wonderfully over-the-top thus, when sloshed, it turns into the best wine-tasting session on earth. Love the grape, love Argentina, love Argentinian wine and, above all, love the Fiesta Nacional de la Vendimia.

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