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Golden Stilt Competition



Belgium - Namur


From: 2015.09.20 To: 2015.09.21



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When you live in a country below sea level, walking on stilts is not something left exclusively to circus clowns and street performers. And once you've mastered walking on stilts it is only natural for you to prove your mastery in a friendly (or not so friendly) competition. The Golden Stilt Contest has been a Namur tradition since 1411. Nowadays, demonstrating poise and agility crossing a flooded street has been replaced with onlookers watching meter-long-legged contestants dress in bright striped costumes battle gladiator-style to knock the opponent of his perch. The spectacle of two teams of nearly fifty stilted-men and women jousting to stay on their feet, is not to be missed. The winner is awarded the Golden Stilt and must defend the title the following year. The festival is famous regionally and many spectators dress up in medieval costume to support their team.

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