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Golden Shears



New Zealand - Masterton


From: 2016.02.28 To: 2016.03.03



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What Champions League is for football or NBA league is for basketball, the Golden Shears is for shearing. What organizers call “the worlds premier shearing & wool handling championships” brings together only best of the best: the true masters of shears. The shears in their hands look like scissors in the hands of the hairdresser. Precisely and snappy, they remove the wool from the sheep as they compete for the title of the champion. Along with competitions in several categories, this event also brings a handful of fun and entertainment for the audience. In the words of the organizers, this festival is “a combination of competition, entertainment, history, celebration and down right good sport“. With a tradition longer than a half of the century, this event is must-attend for all lovers of shearing and those fond of unusual competitions.

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