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Gold Rush Days



United States - Sacramento


From: 2015.09.02 To: 2015.09.05



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On January 24, 1848 James W. Marshall discovered gold in Coloma, California. This event attracted over 300,000 fortune-seekers from all over the country as well as the rest of the globe. The years between 1848-55 are known as the California Gold Rush. This period played a major role in making of the state of California, with hundreds of churches, schools, roads, shops and houses built to accommodate the needs of the growing population. To commemorate this important part of California’s history, Sacramento annually organizes Gold Rush Days. More than 200 tons of dirt is dumped on the streets of Old Sacramento. Wild-West gun fights, costumed re-enactments, music and dance performances will turn back the clock to 1840's. You can also attend one of the many lectures on the impact of the Gold Rush on socio-economic and cultural development of California and the United States, in general. The event always takes place during the Labor Day Weekend. So take your family, pack your car and journey to the West Coast for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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