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Godiva Festival



United Kingdom - Coventry


From: 2016.06.29 To: 2016.07.01



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Since 1998 the festival has been held in War Memorial Park, Coventry, although the beginnings were planted as far back as 1190 when monks cast from Coventry Priory told the story of their benefactress, Lady Godiva. The first recorded Godiva Procession, originally known as the Great Fair, took place on 31 May 1678 and has undergone many variations through the centuries. In some years, over 200,000 spectators have lined the streets of Coventry to witnesses the mass of colour. To build on the success of the ancient Godiva Procession, during the late nineties an initial four year plan was put in place to create a free festival of entertainment as an extension of traditional celebrations. In 1997 a day long event took place in the city and in 1998 the three day Godiva Festival was born. Spanning over the course of a weekend, over the last decade the event has grown from strength to strength, and currently is viewed by many as the Midlands biggest and best family festival. With an array of rock, pop, hip hop and acoustic artists, orchestras, comedy acts, a human circus and sublime entertainment, it is not hard to see why the Godiva Festival attracts more that 75,000 visitors each year.

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