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Glasgow Bonfire Night



United Kingdom - Glasgow


From: 2015.11.05 To: 2015.11.05



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Celebrate the death of British traitor Guy Fawkes at Bonfire Night, one of the rowdiest, robust holidays of the year. While this sounds like a strange motivation for a big showing of fireworks, the historic day is widely celebrated in the British Isles. It's almost like Halloween meets Independence Day, plus costumes. Across Britian, Bonfire Night commemorates the death of the Catholic "terrorist" who attempted to blow up the British Houses of Parliament on the fifth of November in 1605. In Glasgow, however, there's need to join locals kids and beg the neighbors for "a penny for the guy" (money is generally used by to buy fireworks), the citywide celebration features a huge bonfire where an effigy is burned, afterwards there's a bright and colorful fireworks show. Keep in mind that in recent years some cities have come under fire (no pun intended) by local governments and have been asked to curb their bonfires due to safety concerns. Glasgow boasts music and historically related exhibitions during the celebration. For another version of the story, stay in and watch the film V for Vendetta, which is loosely based on the story of Guy, with an ironic modern twist, of course.

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