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German Unity Day



Germany - Berlin


From: 2015.10.03 To: 2015.10.03



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When the crumbling and contentious Berlin Wall was toppled on October 9, 1989, a regime and world system came crashing down with it. However, it wasn't until the following October that Germany formally reunited, and this official day was chosen as the national celebration of a nation becoming one again. So celebrate the Germans coming together in unity, understanding and communication with an event that's all about getting together for music and performance and a little bit of nation building. And, er, EU-nation building. Yes, what started as a national holiday is nowadays also about a pan-European identity. But Berlin couldn't be a better place for a retrospective on the building and breaking of and rebuilding of citizenship and nation. October 3rd is filled with musical entertainment as well as speeches and related exhibitions. The festivities start at the historic Brandenburg Gate, and the day's programming of pop and classical musicians, street performances and the like take place all across town. Do keep in mind that this is a time for remembrance. But it is also a time not to remember why they didn't choose the actual fall of the wall as the day for a national holiday (shush, November 9th was the opening night of the Nazi's infamous "Kristallnacht"). Now that the dreaded black mark on history is out, enjoy the show. And then come back in a month for a more informal and definitely crazier drink-fest for the unofficial celebration of the fall of the Wall.

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