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German American Volksfest



Germany - Berlin


From: 2015.07.27 To: 2015.08.19



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Since 1960 the German-American Festival of the People has celebrated American culture and the influence of German migration to the United States. To date, three-quarters of the United States population are considered to originate from European origin, and one-third of those people who migrated were German. At the festival one can enjoy the American Village which includes 55 feet of erected facades painted to resemble a typical American town. There one can try American style steak, corn-on-the-cob, hamburgers, baked potatoes as well as American beer and wine. There is also a Mexican kitchen to celebrate the influence of Mexican food in the U.S. A central open air stage provides musical entertainment and there is also a BINGO hall, a bikers day and of course a hamburger eating contest. If you have children then they can enjoy the fairground complete with American style rides such as a bumper cars and a family entertainment day. If you're in Berlin and would like to visit the U.S without the long flight, then a day at the American-German Festival of the People, may just do the trick!

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