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Genzano di Roma Flower Festival



Italy - Genzano di Roma


From: 2016.06.16 To: 2016.06.18



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Infiorata is a tradition in many Italian towns when the streets are carpeted with amazing flowers designs. The display is particularly stunning in the town of Genzano di Romano where whole street of Via Italo Belardi is covered with allegorical carpets of flowers and a masked parade walks the street wearing with medieval and traditional clothes crafted by local women. For more than 2 centuries (from 1778) the display has covered the streets on Sunday and Monday following the Corpus Christus feast. Each year local artists must conform to a previously agreed upon theme, such as The Colours of Michelangelo, or The Designs of Bernini. In the spring it has recently become tradition to have a "mini Infiorata" made by the children from the local schools. This is flowers like you've never seen them before.

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