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Genoa International Poetry Festival



Italy - Genova


From: 2016.06.09 To: 2016.06.19



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If you're a bookworm like me and love poetry, this festival is for you. In a country where the official language was adapted from a poem- Dante's Inferno - it's no surprise that a poetry festival is one of Italy's most prized annual events. Poems are not taken lightly in Italy. And "poet" is a very legitimate profession (one reason why as a writer I love vacationing in Italy). Come witness some of the world's most renowned wordsmiths, who spin new meaning with every stanza during the readings, concerts and poetry installations that make up this ten-day event. Picturesque Genoa could not be a more magical place for words of whimsy, and better, the seaport city has delicious seafood. Indulge in mind and body. It's the perfect festival to do as Derek Walcott, a Nobel Prize winner who has read at the event, once advised: "Sit. Feast on your life." *Sigh*

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