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Garma Festival



Australia - Nullumbuy


From: 2015.09.01 To: 2015.09.02



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Once a year the sound of the didgeridoo summons all indigenous tribes. The call announces the annual Garma, the largest and most vibrant celebration of Yolngu people, which indigenous peoples throughout Arnhem Land, the Northern Territory, and the rest of Australia also attend. The festival features the ceremonial performance, called bunggul as well as Indigenous Cultural Tourism events that introduce visitors to various elements of tribal life. Participate in the wide range of activities, from spear hunting and field trips to the collection of bush tucker and bush medicine making. In addition, you can get more acquainted with different social and cultural aspects of today’s Aboriginal life at the academic forum. Keep in mind that attendance is limited; interest should be signaled in advance though the festival’s official website.

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