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Galway Americana Festival



Ireland - Galway


From: 2015.09.13 To: 2015.09.16



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Most people do not know that American folk music and Irish folk music have common roots. This is why the Galway Americana Festival brings some of the best Americana music to Ireland. Americana includes so many different types of folk genres- like bluegrass, blues, cajun, country, and so much more. You will have so much fun and think that you are in the American Mid-West with this festival. So head over to the cultural capital of Ireland to enjoy this music where it all began, and watch just how this music evolved. It you are an American in the area you will fit right in, if you are Irish you will enjoy something different and mingle to some of the most interesting people in entertainment, and if you are a tourist- see two cultures coming together in the most unique setting. Celebrate diversity and see something entirely different!

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