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Full Moon Party



Thailand - Ban Tai


From: 2016.07.03 To: 2016.07.03



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Dance over the comatose bodies of gap-yearing teenagers who have decided to spend 6 months on drugs before becoming accountants! Wake up with no clothes, no dignity and a big smile on your face! Hug a hippy and be told, 'it was much better here back in the day dude'! Yes, yes, yes it's the Full Moon Parties on the famous Hat Rin beach near Ban Tai on the island of Ko Pha Ngan. The biggest parties are in December and January when there are more future accountants that you could ever wish to meet, but the party goes on each and every new moon. Of course it's also possible to find smaller parties in smaller places, but if you want the full-on traveller rave experience you should check out this monthly mega party!

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