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Fuji Rock Festival



Japan - Niigata


From: 2015.07.27 To: 2015.07.29



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When you're surrounded by rock it's time to rock and the Fuji Rock Festival up high in the mountains of Japan rocks like no other. Ignore the name, the festival is no longer held at the foot of Mt. Fuji but rather in the Neaeba Ski Resort located near the city of Niigata. There's around 100,000 people at this self-proclaimed 'cleanest festival in the world'. There are 7 main stages that are often very far apart, but you wont mind (indeed it's part of the fun) as the walk between stages are beautiful - windy trails take you through mountain passes and bubbling brooks. The fest attracts the biggest names in international and Japanese music including the likes of Muse, Ash, Massive Attack, Oasis and Weezer. The most legendary performance however was by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, who headlined the inaugural year and performed in spite of a broken arm and a typhoon. Rock on.

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