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Frozen Dead Guy Days



United States - Nederland


From: 2016.03.02 To: 2016.03.04



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If you're attracted to things like a coffin race, polar plunge, beer re-animation or bizarre parades then you should not miss the Frozen Dead Guy Days. As the wacky title implies, it’s all about one dead guy from Norway, that was kept frozen in Nederland, Colorado by his family members who thought they could re-animate him one day. This story inspired locals to organize a very peculiar festival that’s all about fun, and, well, a dead guy. The mains event sees teams of coffin racers sprinting round an icy track carrying a "dead" friend in a coffin. During the festival one can also take part in some of the unusual games offered - turkey bowling, fish throwing, taking off your clothes and jumping into frozen water - or just have fun watching the festival. As they say, “freeze the day”.

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