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Fringe Festival



United Kingdom - Edinburgh


From: 2015.08.05 To: 2015.08.29



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Too big, too risqué, too open, too unruly and, most recently, too commercial and too professional. Whatever your gripe, Fringe remains too awesome to miss. Fringe is the rebellious younger sibling to the Edinburgh International Festival, which began in 1947 as a way to re-unite post-war Europe through culture. When the number of performers exceeded stage capacity the odd-man-out theatre groups headed down the road to give performances on the “fringes” of the main festival. Pretty much the only prerequisite to performing at Fringe is the down payment on a venue; and “venue” is loosely defined term. Theatre, Comedy and Music performances are most common, but creativity is king and you should be able to find your fancy among Fringe’s 31,000 performances across 250 venues. As is common among siblings, the two festivals continue to have a love-hate relationship not helped by the fact that the Fringe Festival now attracts more visitors than its older, cultured sibling.

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