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Fragrant June



Croatia - Losinj


From: 2016.06.01 To: 2016.06.30



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The warmth of the blue sky and healing properties of the saltish haze from the bluest sea in the world make the island's fragrant herbal mixture particularly intoxicating! With their heady, almost divinely fragrant intensity, they can really sweep the traveller off his feet so that he won't ever want to come back to reality! The blossoming of immortelle – an old gold colour, planted bluish-violet lavender, mint, so little and such a strong fragrance – wild thyme, St. John's wort, heather, pyrethrum, Jerusalem thorn in blossom......and numerous winged creatures which buzz from flower to flower! Lošinj's flower orchestra harmoniously plays the most magnificent fragrant melody which Nature can create – so intoxicating that one forgets reality! Our spirits and body are filled with the bio-energy of Lošinj's June fragrances! Take a deep breath and enjoy!

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