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Fragrances of December - pine, agave and juniper-tree



Croatia - Losinj


From: 2015.12.01 To: 2015.12.31



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More than 900 island autochtonous types of wild intoxicating plant seeds are already dormant in the stony cracks and fissures under the thorny evergreen juniper tree, scattered by howling Autumn gales. Only the Agaves are awake along the lovers' pathways from Rovenske to Kriške, notwithstanding the strong Autumn gusts. The December fragrance is the right time to do your own end-of-year «balance sheet». So go ahead and find time for yourself on our fragrant island! In the drowsy Lošinj December morning, the unimpeded fragrance of pine wends its way through the shutters into your room and swirls around your thoughts soon dispelling melancholy while dislodging simultaneously negative energy accumulated throughout the year. And when flights of fancy overcome you, why not join us to welcome in the New Year fragrances!

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