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Four Days March



Netherlands - Nijmegen


From: 2016.07.17 To: 2016.07.20



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What started as a military marching event in 1909 has grown into Europe's most beloved and challenging walking events. Forty-five thousand participants from across the globe participate in four days of consecutive walking ranging from 30km to 50km each day. Completing an event this physically grueling deserves a medal and the Four Days Medal is one of The Netherlands' official decorations that is royally sanctioned for display on Dutch servicemen uniforms. Walkers embark on specified routes through the communities surrounding Nijmegen and are typically greeted by musicians and encouraging words as they pass through town. Marching songs are also part of the fun and help pass the time. Registration is limited and fills up every year so plan ahead and don't miss out on this incredible chance to challenge yourself physically and enjoy great scenery and even better camaraderie along the way.

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