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Canada - Winnipegosis


From: 2015.08.05 To: 2015.08.18



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This event is the largest cultural festival in the world! Folklorama offers you two weeks of international cuisine, dance and music performances as well as arts and crafts displays. You can choose from over 40 pavilions, hundreds of delicious exotic food options and thousands of beverages. 30,000 entertainers perform in over 1,500 shows throughout these two weeks. The festival goes back to 1970, when it was organized as a one-time event. However, it proved to be so successful that its organizers simply had to bring it back the year after. It has been growing ever since and today attracts more than 400,000 visitors, contributing over $14 million to the state's economy. Do you want to try Greek ‘baklava’? How about Korean ‘yukpo’? Or, perhaps, Russian ‘blini’ and ‘pirozki’? Regardless of what your food preferences are, you're guaranteed to satisfy your cravings here. Think of how much fun your kids are going to have watching various dance and music performances. You can also use this event as an opportunity to buy unique gifts for your friends. Travel the world with Folklorama!

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