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Fish Festival of Saint Fortunato



Italy - Camogli


From: 2016.05.12 To: 2016.05.12



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In a small square of the picturesque port of Camogli you will discover the world's largest frying pan, spanning 5m across with a 7m handle. The pan comes out annually on the second Sunday of May and is used to fry up loads of free fish handed out to hungry villagers and tourists for the annual Fish Festival (Sagra del Pesce) dedicated to St Fortunato, patron saint of fishermen. It is the fishermen themselves who trade in their nets for aprons to ensure the fish is cooked to perfection. On the eve of the festival the people of Camogli, from the districts of Porto and Pinetto build enormous bonfire towers on two sides of the beach. A fuse is lit running from the steeple of the church that ignites the bonfires in a pillar of flames. It is a spectacular start to an unforgettable weekend in of fish and fun in the village of Camogli.

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