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Finke Desert Race



Australia - Northern Territory


From: 2016.06.10 To: 2016.06.13



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Camp in the desert besides the Finke River, the oldest river in the world, sleep in tents under the stars and watch, or even compete in one of the most difficult off-road races. The Finke Desert Race, the richest off-road race in the southern hemisphere, attracts more than 600 bike, car, and buggie entries from Australia and abroad each year. Open to contestants from all walks of life, the event is held over 460 km long grooved track which undulates though the wilderness of red dirt, sand, spinifex and desert oaks. Started in 1976 as a challenge for a group of local bikers, Finke Desert Race has since acquired the cult status of Australia’s greatest desert race. If you want to experience the feel of turbo-charged buggies or powerful motorbikes flinging dust and rocks around the treacherous terrain, visit Alice Springs and enrol for the race. Otherwise, if you think that being crowned King of the Desert is not worth surviving the rollovers, crashes, and engine blow-ups on the way, don’t stand too close to the track!

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