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Fiesta of Saint Efisio



Italy - Cagliari


From: 2016.04.30 To: 2016.05.04



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For over 350 years, the city of Cagliari has been confirming its devotion and thankfulness to Saint Efisio taking his simulacrum from the little church in the quarter of Stampace to the place of his martyrdom in Nora. What started as a popular pilgrimage has evolved over the centuries into the most fascinating show of traditional Sardinian costumes, without losing its deep religious meaning. Considered both a religious and a folk festival, the day begins with a mass in the church of Saint Efisio where the saint is said to have been imprisoned and tortured. Following the mass, at noon sharp, bells toll as the saint’s statue leaves the church to join more than three thousand participants from every part of Sardinia gathered to march through Cagliari. Colorful carts decorated with flowers and traditional rugs travel a path of rose pedals. Marching musicians play Sardinia’s national musical instrument, the launeddas, made of hollowed reeds. At the center of it all is the statue that will travel 30 km to Nora and returns to Cagliari on the evening of March 4th when the skies will be lit with fireworks.

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