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Fiesta of La Mercè



Spain - Barcelona


From: 2015.09.21 To: 2015.09.24



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Barcelona's Fiesta of La Mercè, celebrates the Virgin of Mercy so it's fitting that those who attend are left to beg mercy before a host of fire-breathing dragons, and creepy devils. The streets of are packed with DJs spinning tracks, dancers kicking legs, and symphonies strumming strings. And it wouldn't be a Spanish festival if the castellers, men who are experts in building human pyramids, didn't try to defy gravity and human reason. Head over to the Old Quarter to check them out. While there are hundreds of events that take place during the festival, go out of your way to see Carrefoc, a midnight parade of medieval monsters that dance through the streets and the Gigantes, a parade of Giants that is popular with families. If you are feeling really spirited, join the locals who swim across the harbor as a final goodbye to summer. Perhaps the greatest act of mercy is reserved for nightfall when cool breezes replace the sweltering heat.

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