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Fiesta de la Carretá



Spain - Cogollos de Guadix


From: 2015.12.30 To: 2016.01.01



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Fiestas in Spain aren't all drinking, dancing, and carousing. The Fiesta de la Carreta (Cart Festival) takes place in Cogollos de Guadix (Granada) and participants must live by the mantra "work before play". The first day of the fiesta is known as firewood day where the village youths collect firewood and chop down a pine tree. The 31st is cart day where the girls decorate the tree, which is carried to the town to be blessed. In the evening there is a children's procession for the Child Jesus, and at night all the work of the previous days goes up in flames with a huge bonfire. The 1st of January is reserved for religious services and pays a special tribute to the statue of baby Jesus.

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