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Festival of the Kiss



France - Roquemaure


From: 2016.02.10 To: 2016.02.12



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The 14th century church in Roquemaure houses the relics of St. Valentine making it the capital of romance each February. In 1868 the town's vineyards were destroyed by pests and a wealthy villager purchased the relics of St. Valentine from Rome in hopes of reviving their cash crop. The vineyards survived and over a century later the Festival of the Kiss was born. The festival reenacts the arrival of St. Valentines relics with 800 people in 19th century costumes parading through the streets. The streets are renamed after a famous French lover and are filled with roaming musicians and street performers. You and your loved one can attend the Valentine ball, take a carriage ride, attend the wine fair or just find a quiet corner of the village to call your own. No matter where you end up, prepare to be love-struck by the Festival of the Kiss.

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