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Festival of the Black Madonna of Tindari



Italy - Tindari


From: 2015.09.07 To: 2015.09.07



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See one of the most famous "Black Madonnas" in Europe during the annual Black Madonna festival in Tindari. This festival honors the Black Madonna. While she's just as "pure" as her white namesake, the color of her skin (this is a statue we are talking about) has lead to great speculation about the origins and implications of creating a statue with black skin instead of white. Given the long history of the mother of Jesus, it's no surprise that historians, scholars, clergy and common people have all come to various conclusions about the cult of the black Madonna. From pagan roots, fertility, to racial migration, the Black Madonna have appeared throughout Europe and the Middle East are contentious. The Madonna di Tindari is said to have originally been from Byzantine, legend has it that she fell off a ship bound for the Orient and was found by fishermen, who passed her along to local monks. They in turn built a sanctuary for the icon, then a larger one, which is still present today. During this festival the Black Madonna is taken out her sanctuary for an evening procession, and at midnight there is a fireworks display.

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