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Festival of St Blaise



Croatia - Dubrovnik


From: 2016.02.03 To: 2016.02.03



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Ever wondered how long it takes for a celebration to become a tradition? Well, whatever you criteria may be, the celebration of Saint Blaise’s day, started in Dubrovnik in 972, is sure to match them. Festival of St Blaise features a number of ceremonies through which the people of Dubrovnik pay homage to their patron, Saint Blaise, who is usually portrayed as an old man holding a model of the city in his hand. If you visit Dubrovnik on the day of St Blaise, you will be able to partake in a festive procession together with banner carriers, priests, and pilgrims, and relish a series of church and secular concerts, exhibitions, book presentations and theatre performances, all dedicated to the patron saint of Dubrovnik. The celebration culminates during the parade of the relics of the saint, or more precisely his head, his throat bone, and his hands through famous Stradun. Mark this day in your calendar, for it is a perfect chance for a winter getaway to the gorgeous city of Dubrovnik.

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