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Festival in the Desert



Mali - Timbuktu


From: 2016.01.06 To: 2016.01.08



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Imagine your self in a desert, surrounded by the sounds of Mali music and drifting away on a sea of notes and beats. In fact, stop imagining and get yourself on a bus to this uncommercialised music festival with the greats of Mali and international music. The Festival in the Desert is worth it for the audience alone, thousands of Tuareg tribesmen with camels and drums, but it's tricky to get to. You'll need a jeep/4x4 and a good guide to get you out into the heart of the desert; the festival can't keep its unique character if every Tom, Dick and Harry can make it there easily. The festival began in 2001 and though originally local affair it has since opened its doors to outsiders. It's always held in northern Mail, usually in Essakane although it has moved about a bit over the years. A truly magical affair, it's like no other festival on earth.

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