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Festival Arbres et Lumières



Switzerland - Geneva


From: 2015.11.25 To: 2016.01.01



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Comes December, and selected trees in the center of town - be they beech trees, plane trees, poplars or sequoias - are clad in lights, colors, or music, painted or wrapped, thus turning the city and its trees into works of art. These works, created by Swiss and foreign artists, bring contemporary art to the streets, to become part of the daily life of the people of Geneva. For one dark winter month, the trees are illuminated and woken from their hibernation. The Arbres & Lumières Festival is primarily an art festival, but it is also an impressive organizational structure, which requires a professional management, as well as a rigorous selection of sites and creators. It offers total freedom to invent what may be termed tree art, a truly novel form of creative expression.

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