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Festa Major



Spain - Vilafranca del Pened├Ęs


From: 2015.08.29 To: 2015.09.02



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Towers of men, called moixigangas, sometimes go six or seven floors high. Humans dressed as devils, eagles, dragons and gargoyles. It is all part of the annual Festa Major in Vilafranca de Penedés, to celebrate Saint Felix's Day. The rather absurd and unusual sights are due to the fact that St. Felix was the patron of joy and happiness. The word 'felicity', or happiness, derives from his name. The Festa Major dates back to the early 1700s when this Catalan town hosted crazed acrobats performing death-defying stunts, whist monsters hover nearby, to honor Felix. Traditional regional dances, including dancing pairs and a gypsy dance keep the festival rooted in the region. The highlight, literally, is watching fireworks shoot into the dark sky from the city's basilica, where Saint Felix's statue stands proudly in the foreground.

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