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Ferrara Buskers Festival



Italy - Ferrara


From: 2015.08.17 To: 2015.08.26



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Street performance are seen every day in the big cities of the world, but not many cities have a festival dedicated to them. This city is Ferrara, Italy; with its Ferrara Buskers Festival. The "buskers" are these street artists who want to entertain people through art and laughter. Not to worry though, it isn't just a few performers on a street corner, it is thousands of people performing, and hundreds of thousands of people as spectators. This festival is definitely not one to miss- you will get a little taste of everything, from theather to visual art, to music, and even comedy. Plus, being one of the largest in the world and a pioneer in its genre isn't too shabby either. And if there's one thing for certain, you can leave your boom box at home for this one.

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