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Feria de Abril - April Fair



Spain - Sevilla


From: 2016.06.15 To: 2016.06.21



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Seville welcomes spring with a vigorous passion. The city heads out of town for the festivities, putting up a "mini-city" of hundreds of brightly colored tents dedicated to dancing, eating, drinking and more dancing. Expect a zealous mix of traditional flamenco and singing, alongside plenty of tapas and sangria consumption. Indeed, the city of Seville literally shuts down during the Feria, shops are closed partially or entirely, as the residents either prepare for or participate in the myriad of festivities. The only thing to keep in mind is that this party is sassy and showy but it's also invite-only. The fact is most of the tents are privately owned and you cannot join unless you've got an invitation from a local. There are a few public tents and an information desk to show you where they are. Once you are there dancing predominates; Seville is famous for flamenco galore. Women don bright, fitted, ruffled, polka-dotted dresses that move when they twirl, and there is a lot of twirling to be done. Men wear short-waisted suits with hats. They hitch up their pants and hold out their hands for a dance. Even if you've got two left feet you'll find the atmosphere infections and no one is a wallflower for long. Local sherry doubles as an aphrodisiac, something everyone finds out about eventually. Sultry looks and moves on dance floor sometimes move to the shadows of the tents nearby. So brush up on your castellano and make some friends. This one shouldn’t be missed simply because you don't know how to get in. Get creative!

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